Multistorey Mycelium

A collaborative exhibition with Emilie Bausager

Installation view: OK Corral (Frederiksberg, DK)
Photos by Kevin Malcolm

Multistory Mycelium is an exploration of what lies beneath the surface. Interacting with the exhibition space, Mads Juel and Emilie Bausager work together to identify different ways in which we can define the landscape around us. Organic matter, human-made structures and elements preserved for the future merge together weaving a muddy tapestry to inspect.

Juel and Bausager have woven their own tapestry of sorts by layering sound, film and sculpture into a total installation with several unending plots that can be experienced within the subterranean space of OK Corral. Sitting below ground, the viewer can experience a full wall projection of a looping film. An overlapping audio track suggests questions concerning our own relation to our landscape, how other organisms inhabit the same ground we do and what it is about this connectedness that matters.

As a conduit for information, how do we as artists present information that we gather and gain meaning from? Generally, researchers refrain from trying to humanise nature so as to be able to fully see how an organism (or mushroom) lives and grows without a biased attachment to certain behaviours. As artists we strive for a connection to what is around us, to understand the likenesses and differences. By delving into the mind of the mushroom, artist and researcher all at once we attempt to create an image within several overlapping stories. Each tangent creates a network of smaller narratives much like a mycelial root network that entwine together. By observing the fabric of what is underneath us, well hopefully gain a clear sight of ways we relate to the underland - and that to us.

A special thanks to Bygaard, Joshua Evans and Simon Mattacks!

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Frederiksberg Kommune.