Sea Writing (the waves)

An ongoing, collaborative project with Trine Struwe

Installation view: Dog Days, Galeria Pada (Barreiro, PT)

Sea Writing (the waves) is a context-specific project about learning from water and what it means to be a watery body. The artist books Sea Writing (the waves) is a series of 10 unique, hand-made books where single-sheets of paper are "written" at the water's edge in blue ink. When the waves crash over the papers, the "text" mixes with the sea. The result is abstract, blue pages, where some lines are clear while others are blurred, mixed up, flowing. The sea becomes co-author of the books in a convergence between material agency and conceptual control.

The work began in 2021 while residents at Pada Studios (Lisbon, PT). In that period, we worked with the historical and modern entwinement of Lisbon's inhabitants, culture and its nautical landscape.