Svovlgul Sol

Analogue photograph. Print on Epson Luster, acryllic mounting. 145 x 145 cm.

Installation view:
Showpiece, Galleri Nicolai (Copenhagen, DK).

The photographic work Svovlgul Sol was originally made for the publication Atlas (published by Tacet Press, 2017), an artist-book combining diary entries with notes on colours, geographic- and linguistic navigation. Like cartographic maps in an atlas, the publication contained 13 unfolding photographs that had been shot over the course of thirteen months. The structure of the publication was a colour schematic that gradually read from underexposed photographs towards brighter and more colourful ones and thus culminating in Svovlgul Sol, an overexposed and burned out landscape.  

This version of Svovlgul Sol was produced for the Showpiece exhibition at Galleri Nicolai Wallner, curated by pro
Showpiece was an exhibition in motion, presenting artworks within the structural framework of a somewhat performative presentation.
For this exhibition, pro was interested in exploring how it becomes increasingly more difficult to distinguish between an artist, their piece and the relationship between them. Showpiece was an experiment in exposure and what it means to be exposed as an artwork and artist simultaneously.

From exhibition catalogue. Photo by Niklas Adrian Vindelev

From opening performance. Galleri Nicolai Wallner