La Bella Fortuna

Installation view: Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station (Copenhagen, DK)
Photos by Jenny Sundby

Everyone has a relationship to the weather and the weather affects us all. But how each and one of us are affected depends on which step on the planetary ladder you have been placed (are you for instance a slow-growing shrub in a forest conservation area, a mineral floating around in the River Thames, or a brown transsexual woman living in a suburb?). With inspiration from 1970’s environmental grassroot-movements, the exhibition utilized its location on a public train station to loudly banner landscape motives as ways of relating to the planet while juxtaposing intimate, “homie” still-lives as a safe-space, counter weight to a public loudness. 

Bella Fortuna is a solo exhibition centered around the release of the artist book Bella Fortuna Magazine. The exhibition can be seen as a minor pause in a longer study of: what constitutes a linguistic or poetic landscape vs. a physical landscape? And, is it possible for  abstract, landscape photography to have a political dimension today and a real transformative potential?
The title of the exhibition means ‘good luck’ and is a reminder to all of us that luck –and perhaps a touch of solidarity­– is needed from all of us to face the coming forecasts for a future.

(detail) Slow, Grow, Sunrise, 2021. Analogue photograph

Peaches, 2021. Analogue photograph

If Not Now, 2021. Analogue photograph

Falling City, 2021. Analogue photograph

Weather Report, 2021. Digital collage

Installation view. 16 Conceptions on the Here, Now and Onward, 2021 
15 posters, 80x120 cm 

16 Conceptions on the Here, Now and Onward, 2021 
Analogue photograph/digital collage. Print on wallpaper