Bella Fortuna Magazine — a mash-up publication made as an imitation of a magazine
Analogue photography, digital photography, digital collage, found images. 20x27 cm.
(48 pages - edition of 70)

Bella Fortuna Magazine, 2020
(left page) do i only matter - (right page) frequency fabric by barbara brown

It deals with topics such as the flow of news streams through your everyday life, and how they stay and take up space in your head. The publication contains processed collection of some of the forecasts that are made for the future, whether they define natural policy upheavals or tomorrow’s weather forecast.

installationview. Bella Fortuna Magazine front and back cover

(spreads from) Bella Fortuna Magazine

Bella Fortuna Magazine is shown in the exhibition Bella Fortuna, where loose snapshots are set up next to personal and, at times, total-dissolvements of photographed landscapes. The exhibition can be seen as a minor pause in a longer study of: what constitutes a linguistic or poetic landscape vs. a physical landscape? And, is it possible for landscape photography and abstraction to have a political dimension today and a real transformative potential?

(spread) good morning blues