In. (scaled to fit)

Vinyl ‘luminous red’
275 x 210 cm


Installation view: Fotografisk Center (Copenhagen, DK)
Photos by Jenny Sundby

The exhibition Safelight is made by Mads Juel and Trine Struwe in collaboration with Fotografisk Center. The exhibition takes a site-specific starting point in the location of Fotografisk Center in The Meatpacking District in Copenhagen. In a report of the area, by Vesterbro Lokaludvalg 2023, it is described as a “non-place”. The area does not have a clear definition of use, and it is not clear who has ownership of it.

Using concept photography, In. (scaled to fit) works from a formal and conceptual premise, in between object and statement. The work investigates, through ‘performativity studies’, exaggerated breathings often heard from weight lifters in gyms.  

The exhibition deals with ideas of security, control, visibility and invisibility, based on the red safelight used in the traditional photographic darkroom.

The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Paola Paleari.
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